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An Authentic Miami-Style Cuban Ventanita - Serving Cuban Cafécito,

Cubano Sandwiches, Snacks and Pastelitos - Take-Out Window

141 Spadina Ave. Toronto, ON



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Cubano Royale

Layers of succulent smoked turkey, velvety cream cheese and guava jelly, pressed on our grill and brushed with butter. Inspired by Havana's famous Elena Ruz sandwich, experience luxury as the savory notes of smoked turkey harmonize flawlessly with the sweet essence of guava. It's sophistication in every bite- a perfect balance of flavours, a true delight for the senses.

Cubano Grilled Cheese

A delectable twist on the classic Cubano flavour, minus the meat! Sink your teeth into crispy grilled bread layered with double the Swiss cheese, adding a creamy richness to every bite. Lightly spread with mustard for a zesty kick, and topped with a tangy pickle to perfectly balance the flavours. Indulge in all the ooey-gooey goodness of a traditional Cubano, without sacrificing taste.

Pan Con Timba

This traditional Cuban delight features layers of Swiss cheese emracing delicious guava jelly, all nestled between buttery bread. Grilled to perfection on our press, it's warm, melty, and oh-so-crispy! Get ready to embark on a flavour journey like no other!

3 Amigos Combo

Why choose when you can try all 3 of our Original Cubanos and get 3 Guava Pastelitos! Check out the 3 Amigos Combo: Classic Cubano, Miami Cubano & Tampa Cubano AND 3 Guava Pastelitos!




Our Patelitos are so good, you can't eat just one... so order a whole box of 10! 

As TIFF wraps up, Here are 4 meals to try in the Entertainment District - under $20

The Miami Style Cubano from Cubano Kings 

There are tons of food options just west of film festival central along Spadina Avenue, and one easy-to-miss spot is Cubano Kings, a tiny counter that may win the title of the city’s smallest restaurant operation. The place specializes in Cubano sandwiches, which start at $10 for the basic ham, Swiss cheese, yellow mustard and pickle combo but I upgraded to the Miami Cubano, $12, that also adds juicy roast pork. The sandwich is pressed to a golden crisp, imprinting black bars on the bun and locking in all the ingredients together so that nothing falls out and giving it a textural contrast to the gooey cheese. It’s the hint of pickle and mustard that really makes the sandwich; the little tart pop keeps the ham and cheese from being one-note. 

By Karon Liu Food Reporter 

Photo by Karon Liu

Cubano Kings is Toronto’s Very First Miami-Style Ventanita!

Since the 60’s, the Ventanita, a popular take-out window concept selling Cuban Cafécitos, a Cuban version of espresso, Cubano Sandwiches and Cuban Pastelitos, pastries filled with warm guava, have been a staple of the Cuban Community in Miami. Check out the history of the Ventanita in this video from the Miami Herald…

"I LOVE this place!!! I’ve been patiently waiting for a Cuban joint to open so I can finally get my  cortaditos! I actually drove from North York to get coffee and pastelitos. Order the cafe con leche or cartadito with condensed milk and get the media noche tampa. It’s to die for! Their guava pastelitos are also mouth watering."

"Really lovely folks that run this cafe. Can’t wait till I’m downtown again!"

- Liza B, on Google

"Delicious Cubano sandwiches. I haven’t tried many, but definitely the best I’ve had in the city. Got the Miami Cubano and the pork and ham were delicious" 

- Matt Isabella, on Google

"Dude makes a banging sandwich. 10/10 authentic." 

- Adam, on Google

"The cubano was amazing, but the cortado was unreal!!! So good, and such a great addition to the neighbourhood. "

- G.B., on Google

"Cubanos muy ricos con servicio amable y atento. The perfect lunch!

- Jennifer Che, on Google

"A gem and little taste of Cuba in the downtown core...One of the best sandwiches I’ve had in Toronto period."

- Jess, on Google

"The real Cubano Kings!! This ventanita brings great taste, ambience and service. Love the music. Everyone I bring raves about how good the food is. 10/10 recommend."

- Olivia E., on Google

"Finally got the chance to try Cubano Kings after years of passing it and not having an opportunity. I ordered the Tampa style sandwich and it doesn't get more authentic than this. Sandwich comes with a water and a bag of chips. Doesn't get better than that. My regret is not being able to try this spot sooner. I will be going back over and over again to make up for lost time. Shout out to the chef who's a one man show and is super friendly and welcoming."

- Quincy Ly, on Google

"Their cubanos and guava pastelitos are the best in Canada."

- Mono Beto, on Google

"What a delicious pastry! Made fresh/kept warm until the moment of pick up. If you want a pastry that reminds you of a childhood with your mom on the train and each time you go with her she'd get you a pastry - this is it. This is nostalgia."

- Phuong, on Google

"Get the classic and enjoy your life a little bit more. Wheelchair accessibility: Order at window on the street, lots of roll up space, server can come around to hand it to you. Low tables to eat at. (Summer)"

- Nick Pegg, on Google

"What an amazing spot and lunch was outstanding."

- Colin Small, on Google

We only serve Café Bustelo, always pure and flavorful, like no other, an undeniable Cuban flavour!

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